Monday, September 5, 2011

Ceramic Vase

 Ceramic Vase
If you're tired of your old vase, you may give it a 2nd existence with some simple art tactics. Apply the subsequent procedures to embellish as neatly as make your vase shatterproof.

what you need:

-- glass vase
-- newspaper (cut into steps)
-- paint
-- glue
-- modge podge
-- paintbrushes

clean and dry your vase. Place a brand newspaper strip and paint glue over with a paint brush. ensuring the items are pasted carefully, caring for the bubbles. do that unless you've covered the whole vase. When completed, let it sit down to dry. You must have a canvas now for the paint. Get white paint over the canvas, this will be the base of your design. Let it take a seat to dry. Now subsequent is the enjoyable part, when the white layer is dry, get your paint and draw your design. you can be ingenious here. which you can go together with panoramas or snap shots of people. if you're going for minimalism paint a single color, something to compare the situation in the home you'll put it in. Your creativeness is the restrict. When finished let it sit down again to dry.

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