Friday, September 30, 2011

Colorful Vases

Colorful Vases
When decorating your home, color is one of the most important elements in deciding what type of decor you want to use. It is also crucial that you design your room around colors that are pleasing to you, otherwise you won't be happy with your choice. Let's discuss different shades and colors to help you choose which decorating style is right for your home.
For a light, airy look, you may want to use light colors and textures such as is used in the shabby chic style of decor. These colors range from white to soft pastels such as light shades of sage, pink, tan and so on. Accents in this type of decor have a distressed finish, meaning they have a worn look, which is perfect for this charming and romantic style. If an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere is what you are after, this is the perfect style for you.
Contemporary styles of decorating sometimes use a monochromatic color scheme as well. Colors usually used in contemporary decorating are browns, tans, and shades of beige. You can add a dash of color to this style by using colorful vases and area rugs. Adding smaller, more colorful accents around the focal point of your room (such as an entertainment center) also adds some interest. Doing this helps achieve a more sophisticated look.
Country home decor and southwestern style use much more color than some other types of home decor. In the country style decor, most of the accents used are very colorful. Items used in this decor include roosters which are extremely colorful, sunflowers, rustic colored pictures, etc. Many brightly colored items such as checked or sunflower patterned dish towels, tablecloths and curtains are also used in country style kitchens.
For bold color, southwestern home decor is the perfect choice! Reds, blues, yellows and browns are widely used with this style of decor. These rich colors are included in vases, pictures and Indian type statues and figurines, many having very colorful feathers and leather accents. Southwestern decor is in my opinion one of the boldest styles of decor, as well as Asian with the bold red, black, and gold commonly used.
Whatever colors you desire for your home decor, there are certainly plenty of styles to choose from. Decide whether you want a light, airy feel for your home or something bolder that really makes a statement. Whatever style you choose, color your home beautiful!

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