Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tulip Vase

Tulip Vase
11 tulips
 1 10 " Vase
 6 Votive Holder
 3 votives
 2 Aspidistra Leaves
 6 Curly willow branches

 You will see how easy and convenient this core is to put together his astonishment. The focus of this elegant solution is a 10  "H x 5 " round vase W will be zero. Before you begin, make sure the vase is clean. Take your Aspidistra leaves and wrap around the bottom of the pot. Depending on the size of the hands (width and length) may need 2-4 sheetsper pot, are usually 2  "thick and 10 " long. The number of sheets up to your personal style.

 Add 1  "- 2 " of water through 8 of 11 tulips below. As the curves of tulips, of course, you want to make sure that your cut tulips and about 1  "2 " shorter than the top of the jar (Hint: tulips will grow up to 2  ", after they are cut , so be sure to plan for the height difference!). tulips standard average of 11  "in height. Add 6 curly willow branches. You canalso need to cut curly willow to a manageable size.

 Around the vase, place six votives. Alternate each votive, one with a tulip and a head with a candle. Cut each tulip heads about 1 / 4  "of the tribe, the addition of water to keep the tulip votive holders fresh.

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