Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deco Vases

Deco Vases
On a up to date trip to my favourite local antiques vendor right here in austin, i stumbled upon a good looking ceramic vase.

interest peaked, i found the closest clerk and inquired about the piece.  the clerk told me that the piece dated from "around the flip of the 20th century", and featured "art deco styling". flag.  why, you ask? 

experts agree -- art deco style directly descended from the globalization of the artistic and residential decor markets, largely because of a resurgence in american pastime in french (and different european) trends across the creative artworks.  if in the experience you have visited french cities like montmarte (where the foreign language film amelie takes place), i'm certain you no longericed the kinds of painting reproductions sold in native retail outlets, mostly conceived by way of the well-known french artist henri toulouse-lautrec.

toulouse-lautrec was an "archetypal bohemian artist" who lived in montmarte (a parisian suburb) and created impressionist artwork all through the belle epoque, or "beautiful technology" of paris, roughly right through the 1890's.  henri is absolute best known for hellos dancing, flowing female types, and steadily painted commercial posters for the notorious cabaret, moulin rouge (from which he painted one in each of his most revered works).  

this model is thought to be art nouveau.

the impressionists throughout the late 19th century celebrated now not best a strong feminine aesthetic, but the types of flowering blooms and other pure parts (remember monet's lilypads, renoir's sisters at a piano, etc).

the pastel, almost cloudy and soft nature of the impressionists bled into artwork nouveau pottery, glasswork, and architecture simply, and the the style identifys are thought to be somewhat interchangeable.  the piece within the vintages retailer featured subdued colours and sweeping, feminine curves, in addition to a number of obtrusive nods to nature in the vase's impressionistic floral and fauna artwork.

so, i with courtesy corrected the store clerk.  i was lovely certain that the vase in query pre-dated the artwork deco generation through at least 10 years, using the above argument.  on the opposite hand, the store clerk was nonetheless now not sure.  no worries!

i asked the clerk to turn the vase over, so lets look for a "born-on date".  with pottery vases, that is quite straightforward to search out, usually, and certain enough -- there it was.  my proof.


art deco didn't officially commence unless the 1920's, and flourished from the nice depression except wwii. in fact, the name comes from a 1925 exposition "internationale des artworks decoratifs et industriels modernes" which featured the model new high-end parisian "style moderne".  artists during this time shied far from the impressionistic, delicate florals and pastels of the artwork nouveau period and as an alternative, started out embracing cubism, futurism, and neo-classisism models.

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